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Digital garden for everyone!

Note-taking is a highly underrated ability to preserve context over time. You might have heard about RoamResearch and Foam (which is similar but open source and lets you write notes, categorize them, link them all from inside VSCode).

It also lets you publish them for easy viewing on a browser.

I recently went down this rabbit-hole to try and find the best setup for it. I liked the plain foam-template but I wanted the published version to look like a Digital Garden.

What's a digital garden?

Digital garden is a collection of notes, that gets refined over time. You link your notes and thoughts by core ideas, and everything is interconnected using bi-directional links to let you flow freely from one idea to another. If you're a visual person then checkout the below preview which shows a garden in action or click here.

So I combined both of them :)

I've just published a template on Github which has an example and detailed instructions on the readme.

If you would like to checkout the published notes or your very own digital-garden then here you go

Preview #

inside the box #

Do try this out and let me know!

credits #

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